We are dedicated to accomplish and strengthen excellence in construction business through a proper Quality and Safety Management System. We aim to achieve customer satisfaction by providing services and materials as per contractual, statutory and regulatory requirements and in the process improving our competencies and competitiveness.

We shall achieve this through continual improvement of our business processes, innovation, productivity and effective human resource management.

Our objectives are -

  • Enhancement of Customer Satisfaction
  • Timely Completion of Projects
  • Effective Planning and Monitoring System
  • Effective Human Resource Management
  • Continual Improvement in Productivity of our Resources
Over these years, we have developed and ramped up our capabilities to be a reliable Business Partners for all our Clients.
Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Management

We recognize that HSE is an essential component of sustainability management. We have a job to respect human life and environment and to develop a safe and comfortable work place.

Safety Procedures & Practices
  • Committed to making the working conditions safe and each one has a responsibility to achieve the objectives set by the management.
  • To improve consistently in HSE performance of all subcontractors involved in project through coherent HSE Management System.
  • To share the HSE policy with all personnel and to strengthen their HSE Management performance.
  • To evaluate the risks from the work and establish safety measures before performing every task.
  • To minimize unsafe factors through ensuring a comfortable work environment, managing human resources and making a habit of predicting danger.
  • To be committed to meeting the client’s Health and Safety requirement.

All Employees and Sub-contractors are accountable for complying with our HSE policy. The HSE policy will be regularly reviewed to ensure continual improvement.