What We Do

It is healthy to vision-cast and dream, and it is our job to ensure that your dream can become a reality


This first step is pivotal for the success of a project. Before beginning any project, we listen. Only by asking the right questions, we will be able to offer solutions that are not only innovative, but customized for your requirement.

  • Design Stage
  • Conducting Design Coordination Meetings with Clients.
  • Collection of all Drawings and review the drawings
  • Value Engineering


The quality of the finished project is the legacy of a job well done.

  • Making the Schedule as per the requirement of Client and as may be practically possible.
  • Practical applicability.
  • Projecting the cash flow statements to the client and reviewing periodically.
  • Review of Drawings and inform clients / consultants regarding any modification required in the drawing.
  • Conducting Progress review meetings in regular intervals.
  • Implementing & maintaining the checklists for all the works.
  • Providing technical & experienced team to the site for effective execution of Project in time, with safety and quality.
  • Quality Assurance / Quality Control.
  • Providing Methodology of working for all works before starts.
  • Tracking the project as per the schedule and also recording the delays in project due to unexpected issues like strike, weather conditions, material short supply etc.
  • Plan for accommodating the delays in the project schedule and completing the project in initial planned time.
  • Commissioning.
  • To equip the execution team by providing formats, check lists & reports.
  • Submitting Monthly Progress, Quality and HSE report.
  • Keep a track of executed quantity against budgeted quantity. Any escalation in quantity & financial implications in budget to be highlighted to the client in time and getting approved.
  • Reconciliation of Materials.
  • Implementing and insisting to follow safety.
  • Maintaining Bills and Reports in proper filing system.


The quality of the finished project is the legacy of a job well done.

  • Operations and Maintenance during Defect liability period.
  • Attending snags.
  • Submission of all as built drawings.
  • Submission of warranty manuals, if any, and maintenance manuals etc.
  • Handing over all documents to the Client